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Craig Von Dohren and Ryan Godown split the Twin 20’s on B & H Landscaping night at Big Diamond Speedway, Alex Yankowski and Shon Elk also victorious

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Big Diamond PR 7/06/18

Track Promoter – Jake Smulley

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It was a gorgeous night up in God’s Country as the fans enjoyed the night’s festivities all provided by B & H Landscaping. It was fan fest at the speedway and the fans came out early to enjoy getting up close to the cars and drivers and also partake in the food and music that was available.

The enthusiasm of the night continued as the cars hit the track with for some great racing. The Mattera’s General and Electrical Modifeds competed in twin 20’s for the night with Craig Von Dohren winning the first feature and Ryan Godown winning the nightcap.

The first 20 lap feature got underway slowly with a couple of yellows being displayed as the field tried to fire off. When we did get to racing it was Scott Albert leading the way with Jeff Strunk charging from his sixth starting spot to grab second early on.

Strunk asserted himself on a lap six restart to take the lead from Albert. A surging Craig Von Dohren was on the move as well and worked his way up the second on lap eight after getting by Albert as well. Another yellow on lap nine brought the two drivers side by side for the restart with Von Dohren getting the jump. Strunk’s horrible Big Diamond luck continued as the #126 slowed coming down the front stretch to bring out the yellow once again.

Now it was Ryan Godown’s turn to take up the challenge but on the restart Godown proved he was no match for Von Dohren in this race as Von Dohren easily sped off ahead of th field. Duane Howard was now looking to challenge Godown for the runner up spot as Von Dohren increased his lead. A final yellow flag on lap 17 gave Godown one more shot at Von Dohren but it was all for naught as CVD had them covered for the final three laps to take his third win of the season. Godown held off Howard for second with Ryan Krachun and Jimmy Reppert completing the top five.

“The track was tricky tonight but we were able to get it done” said a victorious Von Dohren in victory lane. “I can’t thank Dave (Dissinger, car owner) and all our sponsors enough for giving me this opportunity.”

The second twin 20 was a nonstop affair with Frank Yankowski grabbing the lead from his outside front starting spot. Yankowski sped off and left the field to open up a huge early race advantage. At the halfway mark it was still Yankowski with a straightaway lead over Kris Graver who was having a spectacular race, the returning Skylar Sherrif, Godown and Mike Liswoski.

After the crossed flags were displayed, Yankowski was now starting to enter lapped traffic and with this Graver was starting to cut the distance between him and the leader. With five to go Graver was on the leaders back bumper as they both tried to navigate their way through the traffic. While the race up front was going on Godown had now moved his way up to third with earlier winner Von Dohren now up to fourth. Godown could see the leaders struggling through lapped traffic in front of him and like lion going after his prey was licking his chops. Yankowski and Graver were having a great battle for the lead as Godown was closing the distance between himself and the front duo in big chunks.

As they field went into turn three heading for the white flag, Godown saw his opportunity as the leaders both went high entering the turn. That was what was Godown was looking for as he dove to the inside and as the leaders came out of turn four it was Godown now leading the way.

Godown easily led the remaining lap to take the win with Yankowski taking second. Von Dohren edged Graver for third with Lisowski completing the top five.

“We’ve all been there, with the lapped traffic” cited Godown. “I saw them ahead up ahead and I said just give me two more laps. I was gaining on them five cars a lap and I could see them just getting closer and closer. They went to the top going into three, so I went to the top and just crossed it over to the sneak in between them and the 81 and it worked. Once I was able to clear the 81 I knew I was ok.”

It was once again 13 y/o Alex Yankowski taking the win in the 20-lap USS Achey Sportsman main event. Nate Klinger was your early leader with Yankowski on the move early charging up to the third spot in only one lap after starting in tenth. Yankowski moves to second on lap four and starts to pressure Klinger. Veteran Doug Hendricks throws his helmet into the mix as he moves to third on lap nine.

Klinger still leads the way at the halfway mark with Yankowski all over him. Yankowski is flying and is finally able to work his way past Klinger with three to go to go on and take the win. Klinger hangs on for second over Hendricks with Craig Whitmoyer and Shawn Light the top five. With the win Yankowski has guaranteed himself a spot in the $5000 to win Leindecker Race Engines Mid-Summer Sportsman Classic on Friday July 27th.

“I knew the laps were winding down and I made the move on the #4 car (Nate Klinger)” mentioned Yankowski. “There was a lapped car in the middle of it and it was a tight squeeze going three wide there. I was in the middle with the lapped car on the bottom and he was on the outside of me. We both talked and he (Klinger) is a cool guy. We raced each other hard and that’s what racing is all about. The track was awesome tonight and there was definitely a cushion and that is what I used to get up there. I have to thank everyone here at Big Diamond, the staff is awesome here and I love the way the track is.”

The Savage 61 Roadrunners put on an exciting show as always in their 20-lap feature event. After a series of strong runs, Shon Elk was finally able to grab that elusive win. Elk took the lead from Cory Lindenmuth on an early race restart and went on to lead the remainder of the way as the field battled hard behind him. Elk took the popular win with points leader Mike Reichert finishing second. Terry Kramer, Kris Ney and Shawn Mulhall were the top five.

Short results Stevenson Memorial Night 7/6/18 

The Mattera’s 1st twin twenty was won by Craig VonDohren followed by Ryan Godown, Duane Howard, Ryan Krachun, Jimmy Reppert, Shawn Fitzpatrick, Mike Lisowski, Kris Graver, Frank Yankowski, Skylar Sheriff, Cliff Quinn, Scott Albert, Jim Bobbitt, Bobby Gunther Walsh and George Hildebrandt. Did not finish were Kevin Beach, Frank Porreca, Jeff Strunk, Billy Lasko and Heath Metzger. Did not start were Andy Burkhart, Briggs Danner and Dale Hartz. 

The 2nd twin twenty was won by Godown followed by Yankowski, VonDohren, Graver, Lisowski, Howard, Krachun, Sheriff, Reppert, Albert, Beach, Quinn, Fitzpatrick, Gunther Walsh, Bobbitt and Lasko. Did not finish was Hildebrandt. Did not start was Strunk and Porreca. 

The heats were won by Ryan Krachun and Frank Porreca. 

The U.S.S. Achey Sportsman division was won by Alex Yankowski followed by Nate Klinger, Doug Hendricks, Craig Whitmoyer, Shawn Light, Wayne Witmer, Glenn Rowan, Dakota Kohler, Daryl Dissinger TJ Fitzpatrick, Kevin Brady, Ryan Lilick, Michael Burrows, Ed Mrochko and Tyler Reber. Did not finish were Gary Grim, Christopher Hertzog, Matt Clay and Ken Eckert Jr. Did not start was Chris Brennan. 

The sportsman heats were won by Nate Klinger and Doug Hendricks. 

The Savage 61 Road Runners were won by Shon Elk, Mike Reichert, Terry Kramer Jr., Kris Ney, Shawn Mulhall, Jim Kost and Kerry Fritz. Did not finish were Ray Gara, Matt Ney, Fred Everly, Kyle Wingle and Cory Lindenmuth. Did not start was Jon Schlauch.

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