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Ryan Watt dominates to win first ever Jack Rich, Inc. Coalcracker 72  

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Big Diamond PR 09/07/20  

Track Promoter – Jake and Jasmine Smulley  

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After trying for many years to win the crown jewel of races at the Big Diamond Speedway, Ryan Watt was finally able to take home the checkered flag in the $17,000 to win Jack Rich, Inc Coalcracker 72, his first ever Coalcracker win. Watt did it in dominating fashion leading all but two of the 72-lap classic to take home a record winner’s share of almost $20,000 with lap money included. For Watt it was a race he has been wanting win for a long time.  

“We’ve been trying for this one for years, and it’s tough when we don’t run here weekly,” said an exciting Watt standing in victory lane with his family and crew. “The last ten laps or so I started getting a little tight, I don’t know whether the right front was going away, or the track was locking down that hard. My guys have certainly worked really hard, this car was just a standard bar car yesterday and we made the decision last night to flip it over to a coil car for this race tonight.”  

Shawn Fitzpatrick would lead the 27-car field to the green and take the lead as Watt shot by second-place starter Tyler Dippel to take over the runner-up spot. Watt was on a mission and as the field completed lap three Watt was your new leader. Dippel would also get by Fitzpatrick to take over the second spot.  

The first yellow of the night came out on lap eleven giving Dippel a shot at the leader Watt. Watt immediately took off when the race resumed leaving Dippel behind as Craig Von Dohren and Matt Sheppard had moved into third and fourth. Watt continued to lead the way stretching his lead to over ten car lengths over Dippel who was now trying to fend off the challenges of Von Dohren. Dippel was able to hold off the challenges of Von Dohren and even managed to cut into Watt’s lead while doing so. A yellow on lap 25 gave the Dippel the chance he was looking for. Dippel had a great restart and came close to grabbing the top spot but Watt was getting great traction on the bottom and was able to hold off the New York invader.  

Slowly Watt was able to stretch his lead as Dippel and Von Dohren were waging war for the second spot with Dippel down low and Von Dohren blasting the cushion. Von Dohren could get to the outside of Dippel coming off the turns but Dippel had the grip down low to keep him at bay. While Dippel and Von Dohren were going at it, Sheppard was lurking behind just waiting for a chance to pounce. Sheppard was able to get by Von Dohren for third at one point but Von Dohren regained the spot one lap later.  

Watt continued to lead the way as the race was in the midst of a long green flag run with Dippel regaining control of second place as points leader Mike Gular was closing in on the top four. Gular made his move on Sheppard on lap 38 to take over the fourth but Sheppard regained the spot back on the next lap. With the top three of Watt, Dippel and Von Dohren all settled in, all eyes were on the war going on for the fourth spot between Gular and Sheppard as the two veteran drivers were putting on a show for the fans.  

Dippel’s strong run came to an end on lap 57 as he slowed due to a broken shock bringing out the yellow.  

Now it was Von Dohren’ turn to take a shot at Watt as he was now in second but to no avail as Watt took off as the green flag waved and hold off the cagey veteran Von Dohren. Gular now had cleared himself of Sheppard and immediately started to pressure Von Dohren for second. Gular kept railing the top side looking for a way past Von Dohren and appeared to have the battle won but Von Dohren isn’t one give up too easily and stayed glued to the side of Gular No. 2A. Von Dohren’s car started to show wisps of smoke trailing and was apparent that there was an issue as you could see Von Dohren’s car starting to push in the corners.  

The final yellow of the race was displayed on lap 67 but Watt was ready on the restart and took off to take home his first ever Coalcracker win after numerous attempts. Gular would win the battle for second with Von Dohren coming home in third. Duane Howard came on late to take fourth with Sheppard having to settle for fifth. Finishing sixth through tenth were Matt Stangle, Dillon Steuer, Billy Decker, Craig Whitmoyer and Alex Yankowski.  

The Savage 62Crate 602 Sportsman ran their 30-lap main event after the big modified race with invader Matt Peck taking home the $1600 first-place prize. Peck who started on the outside of the front row in second spot took the lead at the drop of the green. The race was slowed in the early stages due to yellows, but Peck was on his game and was never headed the rest of the way as he easily took home his first ever win at Big Diamond Speedway. Following Peck across the line were Joe Toth, Ryan Conrad, Steve Davis and Jesse Leiby.  

Multiple yellows shortened the feature event for the Red White and Blue Autos Roadrunners as they were up against their time limit with Kris Ney making his return to the division a spectacular one as he passed Seth Reichert on the last lap to win the race. Reichert, Matt Ney, Jim Kost and Chris Holland.  

The Xcel 600 Modifieds also ran a time shortened event with Geoffrey Sutton, Eric Whitby, Matt Warner, Hunter Diehl and Thomas Prychka the top five.  

Insinger Performance Modifieds - Coalcracker 72 - The feature was won by RYAN WATT and followed by Mike Gular, Craig Von Dohren, Duane Howard, Matt Sheppard, Matt Stangle, Dillon Steuer, Billy Decker, Craig Whitmoyer, Alex Yankowski, Anthony Perrego, Lance Willix II, Frank Cozze, Jeff Strunk, Frank Yankowski, Tyler Dippel, Brett Kressley, Scott Albert, Cory Merkel, Louden Reimert, Kris Graver, Kevin Graver Jr, Andy Bachetti, Doug Hendricks, Shawn Fitzpatrick, Billy Pauch Jr, and Rick Laubach.  

The Modified Heat Races were won by Anthony Perrego, Andy Bachetti, Shawn Fitzpatrick, Matt Sheppard, Craig Von Dohren, and Ryan Watt.  

The Modified Consi Races were won by Dillon Steuer, Frank Cozze and Lance Willix II.  

Did Not Qualify - Max McLaughlin, Jack Lehner, Briggs Danner, Larry Wight, Doug Manmiller, Billy Osmun, Bobby Trapper Jr, Jim Bobbitt, Andy Burkhart, Richie Pratt Jr, Mike Lisowski, Kyle Weiss, Corey Cormier, Ray Swinehart, Nate Brinker, Gary Hager, Bobby Trapper Sr, Neal Williams, Danny Creeden, Cale Ross, Shawn Light, Jordan Henn, Dan Hineline, and Rob Woleshok.  

Disqualified - Jared Umbenhauer  

Coalcracker 72 Lap Sponsorship Winners:  

Lap 1 - Shawn Fitzpatrick ($20)  

Lap 2 - 72 - Ryan Watt ($2,125)  

"One From the Pound" 25th Starter Award - Kevin Graver Jr  

Perfect Attendance 26th & 27th Starter Award - Doug Hendricks & Cory Merkel  

Dirt Track Digest - Halfway Leader Bonus - Ryan Watt ($200)  

Wiz Fab - First Non-Qualifier Award - Max McLaughlin (Set of rub rails/bumpers)  

Competition Carburetion - Fast Time Award - Ryan Watt - 17.321 secs ($100)  

Competition Carburetion - Hard Charger Award - Alex Yankowski (+13) ($500)  

Big Diamond Racecar Recovery Team - First Car Towed-In Award - Rick Laubach ($100 Gift Card - Advanced Auto Parts of Cressona)  

The Dog Pound Hard Luck Award - Corey Cormier ($400)  

Ultra Shield Hard Charger Award - Alex Yankowski  

GME Steering 9th Place Award - Craig Whitmoyer  

Rod End Supply 6th Place Award - Matt Stangle  

Bill Brown & Company Printing and Promotional Products Coalcracker Combo award – Mike Gular ($100)  

Competition Carburetion Heat & Consi Award Winner Awards - Anthony Perrego, Andy Bachetti, Shawn Fitzpatrick, Matt Sheppard, Craig Von Dohren, Ryan Watt, Dillon Steuer, Frank Cozze, and Lance Willix II.  

Savage 61 602 Crate Sportsman - Fritz Roehrig Memorial 30 - The feature was won by Matt Peck and followed by Joe Toth, Ryan Conrad, Steve Davis, Jesse Leiby, Sammy Martz Jr, Dylan Swinehart, Shon Elk, Daniel Morgiewicz, Jonathan Swift, Dakota Kohler, Tyler Peet, Danny Buccafusca, Rick Wegner Jr, Jimmy Leiby, Eric Kocher, Joel Smith, Cody Manmiller, Gene Beadle, Ryan Graver, Troy Conrad, BJ Joly, Corey Edelman and Tommy Collins.  

The 602 Crate Heat Races were won by Steve Davis, Tommy Collins, Rick Wegner Jr, and Ryan Graver.  

The 602 Crate Consi Races were won by Daniel Morgiewicz and Eric Kocher.  

Did Not Qualify - Bob Lineman Jr, Kevin Brady, Doug Snyder, Joey Vaccaro, Moose Gulley, Justin Eason, Louie Horvath, Billy Lasko III, David Banko, Beau Drobot, Chad Sandt, Steve Lyle, Pete Phillips, Craig Cuneo, Billy Eggers, Darren Cox,  and Alex Konopka III.  

The Dog Pound Hard Luck Award - Joey Vaccaro  

Ultra Shield Hard Charger Award - Danny Buccafusca & Tyler Peet  

GME Steering 9th Place Award - Daniel Morgiewicz  

Rod End Supply 6th Place Award - Sammy Martz Jr.  

Red, White & Blue Auto's Roadrunners – The feature was won by Kris Ney and followed by Seth Reichert, Matt Ney, Jim Kost, Chris Holland, Kevin Holland, TJ Fitzpatrick, Alex Ditzler, Ronny Suhr Sr, Greg Zelinsky, Joe Bassininsky, Tod Roth Jr, Ronny Suhr Jr, Alex Schoffstall, and Tonya Lance.  

Did Not Start - Mike Reichert  

Roadrunner Heat Races were won by Matt Ney and TJ Fitzpatrick.  


Ultra Shield Hard Charger Award - Jim Kost  


Xcel 600 Modifieds - The feature was won by Geoffrey Sutton and followed by Eric Whitby, Matt Warner, Hunter Diehl, Thomas Prychka, Corey Sechrist, Brett Gray, Korey Inglin, Sam Scicchitano, Ed Hollenbach, Matt Yoder, Sharon Sealy, Tim Vidal, Andy Luckenbill, Steve Sterner, Brian Blankenbiller, Josh Bewley, Ty Hoke, Josh Mudge, Brenton Miller, and Ray Gradwell.  


Did Not Start - Shawn Baer  


The 600 Modified Heat Races were won by Brian Blankenbiller and Matt Warner.  

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