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Duane Howard wins first of the year at Big Diamond Speedway, Hendricks win his fourth Sportsman feature.

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Big Diamond PR 6/28/19

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Duane Howard and the Norm Hansell No. 357 team have struggled so far in 2019 at the Big Diamond Speedway. The team has showed speed this season, but a run of bad luck has prevented the team from visiting victory lane. Friday night the team put it all together to win on Dave Kamp Memorial Night and take home the $4000 first place prize.

Justin Grim and Jeff Strunk brought the Insigner Performance Modifieds to the green flag on Friday night with Strunk immediately grabbing the top spot with fourth place starting Matt Stangle moving into second. Howard was on the move early as well from seventh as he quickly moved to the third spot on lap two. A quick running Stangle was able to wrestle the lead from Strunk on lap two and start to pull away from the field. The first caution of the race came out on lap seven as rookie Alex Yankowksi spun to stop in turn two requiring a tow truck ending his night.

Stangle was back to the lead as Howard moved by Strunk for second but not before another yellow flag slowed the action as Dale Hartz and Jared Umbenhauer both came to stops at opposite ends of the back stretch. Stangle once again was leading the pack on the restart with a battle royal going on behind him between Howard, Strunk, Ryan Godown and Billy Pauch Jr. It was a knockout, bare knuckles fight going on behind the leader with none of the mentioned drivers willing to give an inch.

The final two caution flags were displayed on lap nine when Kris Graver stopped the action and again when Justin Grim and Shawn Fitzpatrick tangled on the restart. When the racing resumed Howard managed to stay alongside the leader Stangle down the front stretch and launched his Bicknell chassis into turn one to make the pass for the lead. Once in front, it was all Howard as the final sixteen laps ran caution free. Howard managed to stretch his lead to almost a straightaway by the time the checkered flag flew to record his 79th career victory at the speedway. Stangle recorded his best finish of the year finishing second with Strunk, Godown and Pauch Jr rounding out the top five.

“We had a good car tonight but a lot of it is about track position at these races,” said a jubilant Howard in victory lane. “Matt (Stangle) was fast tonight but I was able to get position on him on the restart and get by. I really appreciate the additional money being giving out tonight and Big Diamond has stepped up this year with the extra money and I am glad to see the car count up. The track is still a little tricky right now and could use a second lane, but it will come, and everybody should figure it. I knew it was going to be a good night when I looked at my daughter’s pit band tonight and the last three numbers on her band were 747 which was the number for John Chemedlin who just passed away. I would like to dedicate this win to Jenn and the Chemedlin family. We need more of those kind of people in racing.”

The USS Achey Sportsman division were racing for some extra cash Friday night and as expected it was the driver who has dominated victory lane so far in 2019 Doug Hendricks standing in victory lane at night’s end. Pole sitter Dakota Kohler took the lead at the start with ninth place starter Craig Whitmoyer moving through field quick and up to second on lap two. Right behind Whitmoyer and up to third already was Hendricks. Whitmoyer and Hendricks were putting on a show for the fans battling hard for the runner-up spot with Kohler still leading the way. A lap nine yellow slowed the pace of the race allowing everyone to take a breath.

Hendricks made a bold move on the restart to get by both Kohler and Whitmoyer to take over the lead. Hendricks immediately started to put some distance between himself and the field as the yellow once again slowed the action on lap sixteen. A major crash happened on the restart as the front end of TJ Fitzpatrick car collapsed after contact with another car causing Fitzpatrick’s car to turn right towards the wall as the field barreled down for the restart. There were multiple cars involved with the No. 19 of Shawn Light getting the worst of it as his car launched into the air up against the wall before coming down. The red flag was displayed as track workers sped to the scene. One driver was taken to the pits in the ambulance, but all drivers seemed to be ok. Once the race resumed it was all Hendricks as he sped to his fourth victory of the year over Whitmoyer, Brandon Edgar, Wayne Witmer and Dylan Smith.

Shawn Mulhall was victorious in the 20-lap Savage 61 Road Runner main event after taking the lead from Kris Ney after a lap one restart. Kris Ney took the lead at the onset of the race with Mulhall right behind, After the Mulhall took the lead, eyes were on Chris Holland as he started to charge to the front. It looked like Mulhall had everything under control until a lap 19 caution came out to give the fans a one lap shootout for the win.  Mulhall was able to stay out front and take the win with Kris Ney edging out Holland for second. Jim Kost and Tonya Lance.

John McGeoy led the field to the green in the Eash’s Towing and Recovery Street Stock 20-lap feature with Jeff Haag on the move and taking the lead on lap two. Jason Geesaman was quickly moving up the leader board and was in second on lap two. The leader Haag was starting to trail smoke and when the caution came out on lap five headed to the pits ending his night. Geesaman assumed the lead and took off on the restart as Kody Sites was now up to second. Sites started stalking the leader and on lap fourteen made his move for the lead. Despite a yellow flag on lap 15 giving Geesaman another shot at the lead, it was all Sites as he motored to a big lead to win the race over Geesaman, Jeremy Becker, Scott Thunberg and Chris Derr.

The track would like to thank everyone who helped make all of the extra money available as part of Dave Kamp Memorial night.

Full Results from 6/28/2019 – No Sweat Service Group Night

3rd Annual Dave Kamp Memorial

Eash’s Towing and Salvage Street Stocks – The feature was won by Kody Sites and followed by Jasen Geesaman, Jeremy Becker, Scott Thunberg, Chris Derr, John McGeoy, Eric Tripp, Mike Radocha Sr, Robin Wagner, Jim Somers, Dean Hine, Jeff Haag, Elvin Brennan III and Ryan Smith.

Did Not Start – John Dietrich Jr.

The Street Stocks heats were won by Jeff Haag and Kody Sites.

Insinger Performance Modifieds – The feature was won by Duane Howard and followed by Matt Stangle, Jeff Strunk, Ryan Godown, Billy Pauch Jr, Ryan Krachun, Frank Cozze, Nick Rochinski, Briggs Danner, Kevin Beach Jr, Rick Laubach, Andy Burkhart, Eddie Strada, Shawn Fitzpatrick, Scott Albert, Dale Hartz, Craig VonDohren, Frank Yankowski, Justin Grim, Kris Graver, Jared Umbenhauer, Alex Yankowski, John Willman, and Jimmy Reppert.

Did Not Qualify – Louden Reimert, Todd Neiheiser, Jim Bobbitt, Cliff Quinn, Bob Trapper Sr, Bobby Gunther Walsh and Dan Hineline.

The Modified heats were won by Duane Howard, Shawn Fitzpatrick and Jeff Strunk.

USS Achey Sportsman – The feature was won by Doug Hendricks and followed by Craig Whitmoyer, Brandon Edgar, Wayne Witmer, Dylan Smith, Chuck Eckert, Dakota Kohler, Mike Toth, Mike Schneck, Blake Reber, Darryl Dissinger, Glenn Rowan, Tim Fitzpatrick, Joel Smith, Cole Stangle, Warren Floyd, Jeremy Hertzog, Mike Schneck Sr, Matt Clay and Gary Grim.

Disqualified – Shawn Light.

The Sportsman heat races were won by Brandon Edgar and Craig Whitmoyer.

Savage 61 Roadrunners – The feature was won by Shawn Mulhall and followed by Kris Ney, Chris Holland, Jim Kost, Tonya Lance, Cory Lindenmuth, Matt Ney, Mike Reichert, Terry Kramer, TJ Fitzpatrick and Seth Reichert.

Did Not Start – Kyle Wingle.

The Roadrunner heat races were won by Jim Kost and Kris Ney.

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