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It’s two in a row for Alex Yankowski at Big Diamond, Brightbill, Buccafusca and Ney all winners.  

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Big Diamond PR 08/01/20  

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Young Alex Yankowski became the first driver in the Insigner Performance Modified division to return to victory lane in 2020. Yankowski who just turned sixteen only a week ago dominated the feature event after taking the lead on a restart from Jared Umbenhauer. Brad Brightbill continued his dominance in the USS Achey Open Sportsman division and the Savage 61 Crate Division produced another first-time winner. Matt Ney was the winner in the Red White and Blue Autos Roadrunner class.  

Winning the Insigner Performance Modified feature last Friday in exciting fashion only made Alex Yankowski eager to do it once again. The Covington Township, PA teenager used that youthful enthusiasm and went out and dominated the 30-lap feature this week to take home a cool $4,000.  

The front row of Dan Hineline and Kevin Beach Jr led the 24-car field to the green with Hineline leading lap one. Points leader Jeff Strunk slowed at that point with a right front flat tire bringing out the yellow. This time it was Beach who got the jump on the restart to go by Hineline to takeover the top spot. A lap two yellow for the No. 127 of Frank Yankowski again slowed the pace. Beach once again was your leader on the restart and started to pull away from the field.  

Lap eleven saw the leader Beach suddenly slow on the backstretch bringing out the caution and handing the lead over to opening night winner Jared Umbenhauer. Umbenhauer continued to lead on the restart followed closely by Loudon Reimert and Duane Howard. 10th place starting Mike Gular and 12th place starter Alex Yankowski were on the move at this point and charging towards the front. Gular and Yankowski both went by Howard and Reimert to takeover second and third. One lap later Yankowski powered by Gular and started to set his sights on the leader Umbenhauer. A lap 21 yellow for Brett Kressley would be the break Yankowski needed as know he would get to restart alongside Umbenhauer.  

Umbenhauer choose the outside on the restart and when the race went back to green flag racing, it was Yankowski who powered by the leader on the inside racing into turn one to take over the lead as Umbenhauer now had to hold off the charges of Gular. Lap 23 saw Umbenhauer washed up the track in turn one giving Gular the opening he was looking for as he took over the second spot. Unfortunately for Gular, he had nothing for the leader on this and could only watch from behind as Yankowski crossed the line to take his second feature win in as many weeks. Gular finished second with Rick Laubach, Jeff Strunk and Craig Von Dohren completing the top five.  

“I just have to thank my guys, they are the ones who make this all work,” cited an obviously happy winner Yankowski. This car is just super-fast right now, Kevin Bates has everyone on the same page, and it is all beginning to come together. I cannot thank my parents enough for what they do for me.”  

Yankowski went on to talk about the pass for the lead on the restart  

“I really didn’t care what line he (Umbenhauer) took there on the restart, in my mind I was going to be ready either way.”  

The USS Achey Open Sportsman 20-lap feature event saw Ed Mrochko lead the field to the green flag and jump out to lead lap one. Mrochko continues to lead the way as Tim Fitzpatrick, Brad Brightbill and Brandon Edgar are all charging to the front and chasing down the leader. Lap nine see Fitzpatrick takeover the top spot with Brightbill going by as well and know applying the pressure to Fitzpatrick. The leaders are putting on a great three-way battle for lead as Fitzpatrick leads Brightbill and Edgar. Lap 16, Brightbill is finally able to work his way by Fitzpatrick to take the lead away with Edgar following him through to take over the runner-up spot. Brightbill would go onto to win the race with Edgar not far behind. Fitzpatrick would finish third with Cole Stangle and Wayne Witmer rounding out the top five.  

There have been four Savage 61 Crate 602 Sportsman races in 2020 and for the fourth time this season we had a new winner standing in victory land as Danny Buccafusca took the win in the 20-lap main event. Kris Ney was the early leader from his pole starting spot. Multiple yellows slowed the action early on. When we did get back to racing it was Ney still leading the way with Corey Edelman applying the pressure. Eleventh place starter Buccafusca was on the move and with nine laps in joined the battle for the top spot. Buccafusca would go by both Ney and Edelman to become the new leader. Buccafusca would lead the remaining 11 laps to take his first ever Big Diamond win. Nico Flammer finished second after starting in the 17th spot with Edelman, Ney and Ryan Conrad the top five.  

Seth Reichert took the lead from the front row early in the Red White and Blue Autos Roadrunner feature event. A lap 3 yellow for weekly contenders Shawn Mulhall and Eric Schoffstall slowed the action. Reichert would continue to lead the way on the restart until breaking and pulling off racing down the backstretch. Matt Ney would be the new leader and would go on to hold off the hard charging Chris Holland and TJ Fitzpatrick to take his first win of the year. Jim Kost and Kevin Holland would complete the top five.  

Full Results 7/31/2020 - Tony's Meat Market Night  

Insinger Performance 358 Modifieds – The feature was won by Alex Yankowski and then followed by Mike Gular, Rick Laubach, Jeff Strunk, Craig Von Dohren, Louden Reimert, Jared Umbenhauer, Kevin Graver Jr, Duane Howard, Alan Barker, Billy Pauch Jr, Nick Rochinski, Kris Graver, Doug Hendricks, Shawn Fitzpatrick, Jordan Henn, Brett Kressley, Shawn Light, Kevin Beach Jr, Matt Stangle, Ray Swinehart, Craig Whitmoyer, Frank Yankowski, and Dan Hineline.  

Did Not Qualify - Colt Harris, Andy Burkhart, Cliff Quinn, Cory Merkel, Richie Hitzler and Rob Woleshok.  

The Modified Heat Races were won by Doug Hendricks, Kevin Beach Jr and Duane Howard.  

The Modified Consi Race was won by Jordan Henn.  

Ultra Shield Hard Charger Award - Jeff Strunk and Rick Laubach  

GME Steering 7th Place Award - 1h Jared Umbenhauer  

Rod End Supply 20th Place Award - 6 Matt Stangle  

U.S.S. Achey, Inc. Open Sportsman - The feature was won by Brad Brightbill and followed by Brandon Edgar, Tim Fitzpatrick, Cole Stangle, Wayne Witmer, Nate Klinger, Ed Mrochko, Mike Schneck, Marc Berzowski, Ken Eckert Jr, Chuck Eckert, Daryl Dissinger, Tyler Reber, Gary Grim, Blake Reber, Mike Burrows and Glenn Rowan.  

The Open Sportsman Heat Races were won by Chuck Eckert and Ed Mrochko.  

Ultra Shield Hard Charger Award - Brandon Edgar  

GME Steering 7th Place Award - Ed Mrochko  

Rod End Supply 17th Place Award - Glenn Rowan  

Savage 61 602 Crate Sportsman - The feature was won by Danny Buccafusca and followed by Nico Flammer, Corey Edelman, Kris Ney, Ryan Conrad, Jonathan Swift, Troy Conrad, Cody Manmiller, Sean Metz, Dakota Kohler, Ryan Graver, Shon Elk, Steve Lyle, Gene Beadle, Kevin Brady, Brad Cicio, Michael Mondak, Joey Vaccaro, Joel Smith, Craig Cuneo, Pete Phillips and Tyler Peet.  


Did Not Start - Mark Clauss  


602 Crate Heat Races were won by Kris Ney and Kevin Brady.  


Ultra Shield Hard Charger Award - Nico Flammer  


GME Steering 7th Place Award - Troy Conrad  


Rod End Supply 20th Place Award - Craig Cuneo  


Red, White & Blue Auto's Roadrunners – The feature was won by Matt Ney and followed by Chris Holland, TJ Fitzpatrick, Jim Kost, Kevin Holland, Tod Roth Jr, Kyle Wingle, Ronny Suhr Sr, Seth Reichert, Shawn Mulhall, Alex Schoffstall, Tonya Lance, Alex Ditzler and Ronny Suhr Jr.  


Roadrunner Heat Races were won by Matt Ney and Shawn Mulhall.  


Ultra Shield Hard Charger Award - Jim Kost, TJ Fitzpatrick, Kevin Holland, Kyle Wingle and Ronny Suhr Sr.

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