2020 Weekly Winners
Modified Open Sportsman Roadrunner #1 Crate 602 Sportsman
Mike Gular Brad Brightbill Seth Reichert Tyler Peet
Roadrunner #2 Roadrunner #3 Roadrunner #4  
Alex Schoffstall Alex Schoffstall Jim Kost  
Modified   Open Sportsman   Roadrunner #1   Crate 602 Sportsman
As of October 10   As of October 10   As of October 10   As of October 10
Sp. Car # Name
1 2a Mike Gular
2 29k Ryan Krachun
3 401 Frank Cozze
4 3 Tyler Dippel
5 84y Alex Yankowski
Sp. Car # Name
1 19 Brad Brightbill
2 104 Kyle Lilick
3 64 Wayne Witmer
4 5 Jack Butler
5 55 Mike Burrows
Sp. Car # Name
1 11 Seth Reichert
2 07 Ronny Suhr Jr
3 5 Matt Ney
4 77 Alex Schoffstall
5 s10 Alex Ditzler
Sp. Car # Name
1 12t Tyler Peet
2 43 Michael White
3 24 Sammy Martz Jr
4 99 Jonathan Swift
5 20g Danny Buccafusca
Roadrunner #2   Roadrunner #3   Roadrunner #4    
As of October 10   As of October 10   As of October 10    
Sp. Car # Name
1 77 Alex Schoffstall
2 126 Jim Kost
3 1s Seth Reichert
4 17 Don Murphy
5 4 Joe Bassininsky
Sp. Car # Name
1 77 Alex Schoffstall
2 126 Jim Kost
3 1s Seth Reichert
4 s10 Alex Ditzler
5 99g Ray Gara
Sp. Car # Name
1 126 Jim Kost
2 77 Alex Schoffstall
3 07 Ronny Suhr Jr
4 s10 Alex Ditzler
5 4 Joe Bassininsky
Modified (FINAL)   Open Sportsman (FINAL)   Roadrunner (FINAL)   Street Stocks (FINAL)
Sp. Car # Name Points
1 2a Mike Gular 1936
2 15 Jeff Strunk 1841
3 88x Craig Von Dohren 1698
4 84y Alex Yankowski 1621
5 14L Rick Laubach 1488
Sp. Car # Name Points
1 19 Brad Brightbill 2069
2 57 Brandon Edgar 1969
3 20 Cole Stangle 1878
4 T102 Tim Fitzpatrick 1778
5 64 Wayne Witmer 1710
Sp. Car # Name Points
1 77 Alex Schoffstall 2121
2 126 Jim Kost 1960
3 8c Chris Holland 1898
4 5 Matt Ney 1733
5 07 Ronny Suhr Jr. 1631
Sp. Car # Name Points
1 99k Kody Sites 1170
2 59 Ryan Smith 984
3 454 Jeff Haag 917
4 81 Jasen Geesaman 850
5 333 John McGeoy 748
602 Crate Sportsman (FINAL)
Sp. Car # Name Points
1 00 Cody Manmiller 1543
2 x5 Ryan Conrad 1497
3 10x Shon Elk 1486
4 23 Corey Edelman 1445
5 99 Jonathan Swift 1415
Big Diamond Speedway promoters Jake & Jasmine Smulley would like to pay their blessing forward once again this Thanksgiving season for their 8th annual turkey giveaway!
Send an email to smulleyracing@gmail.com, and briefly describe how this gesture would help you or someone you know this holiday season.
Once again, Jake and Jasmine would like to acknowledge those who contributed to making Big Diamond a success. We look forward to a great 2021 season!
NOTE: if you have a family member or close friend who is in need this holiday, please write on their behalf.
10/12/20 The winner of the S&D Bodyline Perfect Attendance Award goes to Tim Fitzpatrick! Read More....

Gular closes out his championship season in winning night #2 of the Diamond Nationals. Tyler Peet, Brad Brightbill, Seth Reichert, Alex Schoffstall (2) and Jim Kost also victorious.  

A short but very successful season has come to a close at the Big Diamond Speedway Saturday night with the running of day #2 of the Diamond Nationals. It was only fitting that this years Insigner Performance Modified champion Mike Gular was the winner of the 40-lap big block/small block challenge taking home a check worth $5,000. Brad Brightbill was the winner of the USS Achey Open Sportsman feature with Tyler Peet becoming the first driver in 2020 to become a two-time winner in the Savage 61 Crate Sportsman Division. The Red White and Blue Autos Roadrunners four crazy eight’s features were won by Seth Reicher, Alex Schoffstall (2) and Jim Kost.    Read More....


Strunk wins night one of the Diamond Nationals, Alex Bright & Kenny Miller split USAC twin twenties. Andrew Yoder wins Limited Late Model feature & Sites is the Street Stock winner  

It was a very successful return for night one of the 2020 Diamond Nationals sponsored by Red White and Blue Autos at Big Diamond Speedway. It has been at least 10 years since the last time the Diamond Nationals have been run here at the speedway and last night saw great fields of cars in all divisions.   Read More....


The “Diamond Nationals” return to Big Diamond Speedway on Oct 9th & 10th  

Despite a year that has been turned upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, Big Diamond Speedway has had a banner year. Yes, we might’ve started later than usual but once the season got underway, the support we have received from the drivers, teams and especially the fans has been fantastic. This weekend at Big Diamond Speedway, promoters Jake & Jasmine Smulley present the return of the “Diamond Nationals” to the speedway that will end the 2020 season. Read More....


Mike Lisowski wins first ever Modified feature at Big Diamond, Mike Gular crowned 2020 points champion.  

It was a cool, clear crisp night up in the mountains Friday night as the Big Diamond Speedway presented week number two of the their extended fall season and just like last Friday we saw a new winner in victory lane in the Insigner Performance Modifeid division. Mike Lisowski took advantage of Craig Whitmoyer’s misfortune to take the 25-lap $4,000 to win feature event. Friday night was also the last week of points for the Modifieds and it was Mike Gular winning his first ever Big Diamond Points title. Brandon Edgar was the winner of the USS Achey Open Sportsman feature with Steve Lyle the victor in the Savage 61 Crates. Chris Holland was winner of the Red White and Blue Autos Roadrunner feature as Alex Schoffstall was crowned champion.   Read More....


Big Diamond Speedway to crown a modified champion this Friday, October 2

It all comes down to this Friday night to crown a champion in the Insigner Performance Modified division. One race, three drivers vying for the right to call themselves the 2020 Big Diamond Speedway point champion. Mike Gular, Craig Von Dohren & Jeff Strunk all have a shot at the title this Friday with promoters Jake & Jasmine Smulley offering another big payday for the Insigner Performance Modifieds with a winner’s share of $4,000 going to winner of the 25-lap feature event. Read More....

9/29/20 Diamond Nationals Schedule is now Posted Read More....

Alan Barker wins first career modified feature at Big Diamond on a night of firsts.  

It was a night of firsts on Friday night at Big Diamond Speedway on Savage 61 night.. Every winning driver from each division won their first ever feature race at the Minersville dirt oval. Alan Barker (Insigner Performance Modifieds), Cole Stangle (USS Achey Open Sportsman), Tyler Peet (Savage 61 Crate 602 Sportsman), Seth Richert (Red White and Blue Autos Roadrunners) and Tyler Lucas (Enduros) all stood in victory lane on Friday night for the first time.   Read More....


Big Diamond returns to action on Friday night September 25 on Savage 61 night.  

Coming off a highly successful Coalcracker weekend, the Big Diamond Speedway is ready to roar back to life this Friday, September 25th on Savage 61 night. This year’s Coalcracker weekend was one for the ages in regard to car counts and attendance and the speedway is looking to build on that momentum as we head into the fall schedule of races. Read More....

9/9/20 SCHEDULE UPDATE: Friday, September 25: Modifieds $4,000 to win, Open Sportsman, 602 Sportsman $661 to win, Roadrunners, Enduro 50. Savage 61 Night



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