Getz Motorsports to host “Bike Night” on July 19th.

BY KEN BRUCE – Butch Getz and the Getz Motorsports Team continue to promote the sport of dirt track racing in the upcoming 2024 season. Getz is the owner of Big Creek Concrete and owns the No. 15G modified driven by Duane Howard and the No. 15G 602 crate sportsman driven by his daughter Danica Getz. 2024 will find Big Creek Concrete once again be the sponsor of the Big Diamond Speedway Rookie 602 Crate division.

Getz along with his wife Robin, daughters Danica and Kailyn have been a proponent of trying to get the younger fans more involved with our sport. Last season, the family held kids’ nights throughout the season, and in 2024 they will continue to try and grow youth involvement.

On Friday night, July 19th they will be proud to sponsor the first-ever Getz Motorsports Bike Night as part of “Topless Night” at the speedway.

Danica and Kailyn Getz have set a goal of being able to give away 148 bikes and 148 helmets during the night. To be able to achieve their goal, the girls are asking teams, drivers, media members, and fans to help them reach that goal of 148 bikes and helmets through donations. The Getz girls are looking to have 50 each 20” Boy Bikes, 50 each 20” Girls Bikes, 12 each 16” Boys Bikes, 12 each 16” Girls Bikes, 12 each 24” Boys Bikes and 12 each 24” Girls Bikes. Each bike will have a helmet zip-tied to the seat or handlebars as part of the giveaway. Danica and Kailyn will go around to local businesses, race teams, and anyone willing to donate bikes or form a payment for a bike or helmet. They will either accept payment to go and purchase on your behalf or you can buy the bike or helmet yourself. If you plan to purchase the bike or helmet yourself, please notify either Danica or Kailyn at least a week prior to the event. To reach either Danica or Kailyn, you can see them at the track or contact them via Facebook Messenger. You can also contact them through the Getz Motorsports Facebook page or via email at You can also email me (Ken Bruce) at and I will make sure they get the message.

How it will work:

All kids that come in the gate that night will have a chance to win a FREE bike! There will be a table set up at the main gate with tickets. There will be a sheet made up that will help us make sure that if a kid’s name/number is called, they will get their bike. The sheet will consist of the kid’s or parent’s name, ticket number and cell phone number (this will be in case they do not hear their name or number called over the loudspeaker so we can contact them to inform them that they won a bike).

The bikes will all be lined up and the names/numbers will be drawn during intermission. The names/numbers will be announced, and the winners can come up and collect the bike. If there are any bikes that have not been claimed by a winner, we will call the phone number on the winning ticket to contact them, they will then have 15/20 minutes after the completion of the races to collect their bike.  What you get is what you get!

If by chance July 19th rained out, rain date #1 is Friday, August 2nd and rain date #2 is Friday, August 9th.